Ashraf Abdel Ghani

Tax Consultants

A trustworthy name for all economic entities, locally and internationally, with 25 years of experience in the field of providing tax services and economic consultations for several types of companies and business foundations in the world.
The head office of the group in the Arab Republic of Egypt it has several branches working in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

We provide professional services with experience, specialization, efficiency, and good relationships to responsible authorities

The information technology section is powered by the newest computer systems

Our services are provided with high quality and fast performance, besides providing all data related to legislative variables to clients via seminars.

We provide integrated training programs in accounting, tax, and zakat fields, and certificates such as (CMA, CIA, CPA, IFRS) via experiences with high quality and efficiency.

ATC group consists of Six specialized entities:

ATC Ashraf Abdel Ghani – Accountants &Tax Consultants (Egypt)

ATC Ashraf Abdel Ghani Management consulting

ATC Ashraf Abdel Ghani – Ahl El-Daraeb for Accountants and Tax Consultants

ATC Ashraf Abdel Ghani - Sobol Al-Khebra for Zakat and Income Tax consultants(KSA)

ATC Ashraf Abdel Ghani – Management consulting (Bahrain)

ATC Ashraf Abdel Ghani –Tax Consultants(United Arab Emirates)

About us

Our Vision
Gaining our clients' trust and achieving the success for and by them to be the closest firm to its clients through providing our different services with international & professional criteria & achieving a greater success for them.
Our Mission
Quality and professionalism are two sides of successful coin in the economic consultations field. we seek to present professional quality to improve our clients' businesses. We also intend to foster trust depend on ethical criteria.
Our Mission
We deal with our clients based on our integrity, credibility, high quality and complete transparency in all stages of our service processes.
Our professional styles depend on abiding to international ethical charters.
We strict to information confidentiality and privacy of our clients that we do not compromise it for any personal interests or any other reasons.
  • The staff is chosen in a high professional way
  • We provide all our employees with development courses in various departments
  • Our paramount goal is to serve the client at the right moment
  • We adopt planning ways which depend on scientific methods in all our works We always seek to gain our clients' satisfaction

ATC Strengths


Client Satisfaction

One place for all of our services

Our Services

presenting economic consultations which benefit several companies and business foundations in different potential.
presenting specialized services in the fields of:
  1. Taxes
  2. Zakat and income
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. External and internal audit
  5. Investments and companies’ incorporation
  6. Training
  7. Social insurance

1. Auditing the financial statements

We have a specialized team with university degrees and certified professional fellowships from international or Egyptian professional associations. They have wide experience in auditing the financial statements of multinational companies and local firms working in several activities

Our auditing is carried out according to the international or local auditing standards for the countries in which our companies are located, via the following lines:

  • Audit planning
  • Interim auditing
  • Final auditing
  • Issuance of independent audit report
  • Management letter

2. Tax Services

ATC services depend on the principle of specialization in this field; therefore, each partner and his group provide a certain tax service
Each partner must be a former head of the tax commission or any of the tax authority branches in this field
Sobol El-Khebra for consultations provides integrated solutions in Zakat and income tax field at ATC

Here are the types of tax services that ATC provide:

  • Commercial and industrial profits tax
  • Zakat and income tax
  • Value Added tax
  • Wages and salaries tax
  • Stamp tax
  • Real estate tax
  • Withholding tax or withholding and collection tax
  • Tax auditing and preparing tax and Zakat returns

3. Investment & companies’ incorporation

Investment, financial studies, and economic feasibility studies for projects. Restructuring: changing the legal form, merging or division, acquisition and clearance, and amending the article of incorporation for companies
Establishing all types of corporations, persons' firms, individual institutions branches of foreign companies, representative offices, contact offices, and scientific offices.


4. Bookkeeping

This department preserves the books & prepares the monthly trial balance This department records accounting entries for clients who need this service.
This department establishes an accounting system & a set of accounting records to meet local legal requirements and administration requirements

5. Social Insurance

This department deals with issues related to social insurance apps, & solves any problems or disputes which face the clients that arise with the typical social insurance authority and constructions.

6. Training

ATC has a training experts team who provide training courses in taxes, accounting, auditing, and administrative skills fields, besides holding training courses for clients in the same fields to meet their training needs.

7. Consultations

It is done during the consulting group at ATC, which involves tax and financial experts who work in the company

  • Internal auditing
  • Internal control systems development
  • Accounting systems & Documentation cycles
  • Matters related to private companies’ affairs for tax, accounting, foundation, investment, and social insurance inquiries

ATC- Pro Training Sector

Ashraf Abdelghani

ATC- Pro training is a newly established sector in the ATC group of companies "Ashraf Abdelghani". It aims to provide training and educational services at a scientific level in the fields of financial accounting, management accounting, internal and external auditing, and taxes. The ATC training sector provides competitive study programs for many international professional certifications tests, including the Certified Management Accountant Certificate, the Certified Internal Auditor Certificate, the Certified Public Accountant Certificate (from the USA) in addition to a Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (UK).

The ATC- Pro Training sector provides its services through a team of talented and professional lecturers with master's and doctorate degrees in accounting, business administration, and professional certifications, including CMA, CPA, CIA certificates. The ATC- Pro Training works with qualified team who is specialized in accounting, auditing, and their teaching methods. This team works to develop curricula, subjects, and teaching methods to reach the highest standards of quality in the field of professional education. In addition, the ATC- Pro training sector uses advanced technological means, innovative teaching and training methodologies to make vocational education and training an enjoyable and valuable experience.

Contact us

Head Office

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